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Half Coppa “Del Nonno” 6 months aged 900 g


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A high quality Coppa with a delicate and inviting bouquet, made from the neck muscles of the pig. It is irresistible served as a starter together with our Culatello and Salami and washed down with a good Lambrusco or Fortanina of Parma
Characteristics:  Red color interspersed with rosy white. Sweet and distinctive aroma, sweet and delicate taste.
Matching:  Sparkling young red wine like Lambrusco or Fortanina Ariola. 
Preservation:  The Coppa should be stored in the refrigerator after you have removed its natural casing and you have wrapped it in a cloth. If the Coppa is too hard or if it’s too much difficulty to remove the casing, you should wrap it in a cloth moistened with white wine and leave it wet for 1 day. You should remove the Coppa from the refrigerator at least one hour before you will cut it. We advise you to remove the external impurities with a sharp knife and then slice the Coppa thinly.

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