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Parma Ham

The Best Quality of Parma Ham At MagnaParma!

Parma Ham, the naturally preserved pork of pigs is highly accepted as food in many countries. The multistage preservation done by experts’ hands since ancient times makes this food generous. The way the Parma Ham get chosen and cured adding up with fragrances makes it awesome.

The highly acceptability of this food is due to its way to get preserved and cured. It is natural and amazing. However, there are different manners of its preservation to keep it completely tasty and natural. It’s a low fat food due to which the acceptability of this food is getting increased day by day. It keeps various natural ingredients in it like digestible proteins and this is the reason why it’s easy to make it part of food.

Anyone who love it can enjoy this food anytime, no matter you are doing breakfast or lunch or dinner. A special range of Parma Ham which shows all standard of cuisines is only for you from MagnaParma. So add up the best taste on your dining table now!

Know More About Parma Ham

Dry cured poke from Parma range is named as Parma Ham. It basically found in Italy and well esteemed uncooked ham or Prosciutto crudo. It can be used in Salad, pastas and other dishes. It works as an appetizer. The process of Parma Ham preparation is easy but, it calls for perfect selection of meat that gets cured for few months.

This product is nutritious too. Only two slices can give 75 calories which is enough to have in one diet. It contains minimal saturated fats. The amazing and intense flavor of it is due to the way it gets dried. To serve this food, most of eaters use cream sauce along so altogether, the calculated fat in the dishes becomes too high.

The Method Of Parma Ham Preparation

The ingredient for the Parma Ham is Duroc or Landrance pigs. The pigs those are fed or on full cereal diets get selected for Ham. In this way, it makes the meat full of calcium. Afterwards with help of machines, it is been shaped as classic leg shape. Skin will be wet salted and flesh will be preserved as dry salted which will be hung in a special refrigerator. This process will ongoing till one week. And the temperature should be 34-39 degree. One should check that humidity, it should be 80%. After one week, it will go under quality team observation. Again the Ham will be passed through a cold chamber where temperature will be 34 degree Fahrenheit; the humidity should be 60% humidity.

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  • Naturally preserved.
  • Only added natural salt for taste.
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