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Fresh cotechino to be cooked 800 g


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The fresh Cotechino is a pure pork sausage made from a mixture of lean meat, noble fatty cuts (paunch and throat) and pigskin. It’s tide manually in a natural pig gut (large intestine parts).
The binding is done manually in natural pig casing (crespon or cresponetto).
Once cooked it is excellent served hot with mashed potatoes, buttered spinaches or stewed lentils.

How to cook the Cotechino: Do some holes with a needle and wrap the Cotechino in a bakery paper tying it not too tight. Put the Cotechino in a pot and cover it completely with cold water. Bring it to the boil, lower the flame and cook it slowly for about 3 hours.
After cooking let the Cotechino in its stock for about 10 minutes, then serve it cut it in thick slices.

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