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Fiasconaro – Panettone Dolce & Gabbana with hazelnuts and manna 1kg


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Panettone with raisins covered with icing and almonds, Dolce & Gabbana tin package.

 Fiasconaro and Dolce & Gabbana celebrate Panettone

From the encounter between the creativity of Dolce & Gabbana and the confectionery art of Fiasconaro, a unique recipe could only arise: the typically Milanese panettone revisited with the flavors of Sicily. The common ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respect for tradition and the courage to experiment, the search for perfection and the discovery of Beauty. But it was above all the love for the handcrafted product entirely “Made in Italy”, which brought together the excellence of fashion and pastry.

Inside the tin box you will find a Fiasconaro artisan Panettone with Sicilian Hazelnuts 800g, a 200g jar of Manna Cream to spread and a Gold-colored cream spread

Hand-packed in an elegant box

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