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Spalla Cotta piece 1,5 kg


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Traditional and typical meat, well known and appreciated not only in Parma. Delicacy and softness: the Spalla cotta is irresistible.
The Spalla Cotta is a natural product with no added plyphosphates and GMO free

. The Spalla cotta has a nice pink color with white streaks of the fat parts. Soft, fragrant and not particularly fat. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.
If eaten hot, slice the Spalla Cotta a little thicker to savor its  delicate taste. Put the slices in a dish covered with another plate and heat in a water-bath over a pot of boiling water. If eaten cold, slice it thinner  so that the meat will dissolve itself in your mouth and you could appreciate its sweetness.
The Spalla Cotta is very good together with the traditional fried cake of Parma (bread dough fried in pork lard), whether as an appetizer with some bread or as main course along with other meats. Serve it with a good red wine!

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