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Extra Virgin Olive Oil “I Clivi” 750 ml


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A high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria (nord Italy).
“I Clivi” extra virgin olive oil comes from the cold pressing of a careful selection of different olive varieties, all of which are of high quality and cultivated in different ways. This particular blend combines the typical sweetness of Ligurian olives and the excellent characteristics of those from the central and southern regions of Italy. Its intense and vivacious character communicates its strong flavour and fruity aroma … more that come from its traditional processing. It has an acidity level of less than 0.5%.
Used cold, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent with salads, with steamed or boiled meats, fishes and vegetables.
Once they are cooked you can add some salt and season with a lavish spoon of good olive oil. It’s also very good with the sauces and it flavours the minestrone and the soups. Its high smoke point makes it suited for the fried food, making it crispy  and tasty.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very important in the Mediterranean diet. It can perfectly replace the seasonings of animal origin for the exceptional union of taste, lightness and goodness with its good organoleptic qualities.  


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