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Colomba (easter cake) Gran Piedmont Muscat Albertengo 1 kg



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Delicious cake with a unique and unmistakable flavor of Muscat wine produced by the vine-dressers of Santo Stefano Belbo.
Colomba with an unmistakable taste that comes from the union  of the Albertengo recipe with the high quality of Moscato.
From the ancient recipe of the traditional “dove” cake is born an excellent oven natural leavening product with icing, decorated with granulated sugar and almonds.
Soft and tasty cake with a classic and always original taste. The dough, fermented by a natural process, offers qualitative and unequalled characteristics in terms of lightness and fragrance.

In the early years of the 20th century in a small town in the Province of Cuneo, at the foot of the Monviso mountain range, a modest bakery was born where every day a golden-coloured loaf of bread with a crisp and tasty crust was taken from the oven.
This work rhythm remained unchanged for years until one day, different times and circumstances resulted in the quiet decision to experiment with the art of naturally leavening – already used for making bread – to bake confectionery.
That was when the first “Panettone Albertengo” was born, and in this way the delicate and appetising smell of confectionery was added to the traditional fragrance of bread.
Many years have passed since then and much has been achieved in terms of quality and specialisation in this sector, to bring us to right up to the present, to the point when today our tables are graced by excellent products, ideal for the consummate and delicate palate.

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