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Whole mountain Speck 4,4 kg



A very nourishing food, with a low-calorie content and very rich in proteins, poor in saturated fats and cholesterol.
The Speck is excellent as appetizer and as essential ingredient in flavoured and refined dishes that will conquer your guests!
The Speck is an high-quality ham; it is slightly smoked and it has a sweet and inviting taste. It’s native to the Alto Adige / Südtirol, a beautiful region with uncontaminated landscapes and where the nature and the man are still in perfect harmony. The particular climate, the traditions and the producer’s passion allow the birth of a so unique and inimitable product!
Supplied vacuum-packed so that it can be kept in the fridge up to six months ! Once you open the pack, it’s better to wait a few time before eating the Speck so that it can give off his beautiful aroma. The Speck can be kept in the fridge for about a month, taking care of wrapping it in a cloth and covering the part been sliced with cling-film or aluminium foil. Keep it far from food with an intense aroma.

 Speck is:
– Made from selected pork thighs;
– Carefully cut out with craft skills;
– Salted and flavored with natural flavors;
– Pickled dry;
– Cold-smoked (one of the oldest methods of preservation);
– Seasoned to perfection in special ventilated rooms;
– Place to dry for at least 22 weeks.

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