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Whole Fiocchetto cured with pork rind


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A  delicious and perfumed Fiocchetto to pleasantly  surprise with a delicate and refined cold meat!
The Fiocchetto is prepared with artisan care using meats from pigs born and raised in Italy and
is uses only the frontal part of the haunch called “Fiocchetto”.

Selected among the best local producers these products are so delicious   because  the raw  materials are really  of high quality .  

The choice of raw materials is, in facts, a crucial step towards the production of good quality. Thanks to a close collaboration with the breeders, is used the best pig meat. The pigs are born and grow in selected farms in the  Po valley , which has been for century home to the best pig types . Throughout the growth, the pigs are fed with  quality natural products which raise in the fields surrounding the farms.

Preparation for consumption:  If you want to soften the Fiocchetto wrap it in a cloth dampened with white wine for 2 or 3 days. Cut away the external impurities with a sharp knife and then slice thinly the Fiocchetto. Grease the cut part  with butter or olive-oil, then wrap the Fiocco in a tea towel. Once cut eat the Fiocco in a short time, to fully taste its delicacy.

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