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Tuscan Finocchiona 2,7 kg

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A meat been born in Tuscany, ideal with bread and pecorino, excellent on the polenta, good also minced in the vegetables.

Bags him it is of cylindrical form and on the external surface introduces a characteristic due flowering to the mold that you/they are developed during the phase of seasoning. Its principal characteristic is given by the aroma of fennel, used in I mix him in seeds or in flowers. The soft consistence of the slice is such that sometimes curtains to crumble. The particles of fat are distributed in a uniformly mix so that to wind the thin parts leaving also the soft product after long times of seasoning. The fat and the thin one, of nuisance mediate big, they harmoniously melt him in the meat. The slice appears with colors that go from the most intense red of the thin parts to the rosy white of the fat parts with possible evidence of seeds or flowers of fennel.

Its origins sink in the distant Middle Ages, when, for sopperire to the use of the rarest and expensive pepper, he/she was thought well about adding to I mix him some seeds of fennel, more easily available, convenient and proper also to hide the possible deterioration of the meat, seen their strong aroma.
It was born so the finocchiona, prepared, according to the Tuscan tradition, with select parts of the ham, of the bacon, of the pillow and of the shoulders of the pig that are grinded, you mix with red wine and you treat with salt, pepper, fennel and garlic.
At the end of the trial (what it manually happens today still), I mix him you/he/she is bagged in blind gut of steer and allowed to season for about 5 months.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Selezione MagnaParma
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Eggs free Yes
Soy free Yes
Place of origin Toscana
Maturing 2 months
Weight/Volume about 2,7 kg
Vacuum-packed Yes
Ingredients Pork, salt, sugars: dextrose, fennel seeds, garlic, ground pepper, broken pepper, fennel flower. Antioxidant: E300, preservatives: E250, E252
How to preserve it STORAGE From + 2 ° to + 10 ° C Open the package 10 minutes before use

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