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Semi-mature cheese "IL SENZA" with vegetable rennet - tip 500 g

Az. Agricola Bertinelli

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Delicious semi-mature cheese with a sum of exceptional characteristics that make it worldwide unique and extremely innovative! 
"IL SENZA" is completely free of those substances normally present in the cheeses that can cause allergic reactions or intolerances.

A cheese
Without additives and preservatives
Lactose FreeSugar Free (Reg EC 1924/06)
Gluten Free
Produced with Vegetable Rennet
With Fatty Acids Omega 3 (EU Reg 116/2010)
Such High in calcium and phosphorus (Dir 90/496/EEC Dlgs 77 of 16/02/93)
Such High-protein of high biological value (Reg EC 1924/06)

Who is the consumer of the “Il Senza”
Anyone who is interested in having healthy food, preferring a cheese without additives and preservatives. More precisely the characteristics of "Il Senza" making it suitable for:
Jews, the product can be made with Kosher Certification
Muslims and Islam, the product can be achieved with the Halal certification
Lactose Intolerant
Galactose intolerance, especially to those who are suffering from galactosemia
People who have to follow a hypoglycemic diet, like the diabetics
Celiacs, since the product is made providing no cross contamination 
Children, Menopausal women and athletes for the high content calcium and proteins with high biological value

It's lactose free! Thanks to the intense lactic fermentation that occurred in the early hours of making cheese, it’s suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant.
It's sugar-free! Because there are no carbohydrates and sugars, making it ideal for diabetics.
It's gluten-free, suitable for Coeliacs! Thanks to an accurate control of the production chain, which includes a number of rigorous precautions that reduce drastically the probability of "cross contaminations".
In most cases the milk collected from the farms has a content of gliadin (the protein present in the gluten of the wheat) lower than the limits allowed by law (<20 ppm) that define a product "gluten-free" and therefore suitable for the celiac people. 
If you use this milk for making cheese, the finished product will have a gliadin content considerably above the allowed limits.In fact, you must consider that  are necessary many liters of milk to make one kilogram of cheese resulting in a higher concentration of gliadin. 
At Azienda Agricola Bertinelli, unlike almost all the farms, the milking room is hundred meters away from the area in which takes place the mixing of the fodder with the cereals.
The almost complete removal of contamination during and after the steps of milking means that during the cheese making of "IL SENZA " it is possible to maintain the presence of contaminating particles significantly below the limits allowed by law also in the finished product.
It's all natural and additive free! It  is the first cheese in the world with these characteristics, as there are partial competitors but they are not cheeses rather curds added with corn oil.
That's why " IL SENZA " is called "The essence of health!"
It 's a semi-mature table cheese (90-150 days).
 Its taste reminds of milk and it is ideal to be eaten in pieces, diced in salads, grilled etc.. served with a good wine such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.
You should not confuse it with Parmigiano Reggiano from which it differs in maturing, in use, in flavor and in production technology.
"IL SENZA" has been one of the most important news that have  emerged during the International Food Exhibition "CIBUS" 2012, and that's why several national TV channels such as Rai1, Rai3 and some main newspapers (Gambero Rosso, La Cucina Italiana, Sale e Pepe, Il Sole 24 ore)  are speaking about it  with great positive emphasis.
It’s a product from integrated supply chain! A supply chain certified on the footsteps of a century of work. Bertinelli is an accredited company and has been producing milk in the hills of Medesano, not far from the source of Campanara, since 1895. The company is one of the few true examples of an integrated suplly  chain, where the products from the fields are used to feed the livestock present in the barns, the milk is used in the diary for the production of the cheeses, including “IL SENZA” and Parmigiano Reggiano MILLESIMATO. Everything is strictly controlled and guaranteed. The company is part of the “Parchi e Riserve dell’Emilia Romagna” and has organic certification for all its crops.
“IL SENZA” The nutritional composition of 100 g:
Water                                        39,00 g.
Protein                                      29,80 g.
Carbohydrates                          0,00 g.
Fat                                             25,20 g.
Calcium                                     1,16 g.
Phosphorus                               0,68g.
Other Minerals and Vitamins  4,16 g.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Az. Agricola Bertinelli
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Eggs free Yes
Sugar free Yes
Yeast free Yes
Soy free Yes
Place of origin Noceto (Parma)
Maturing 60-90 days
Weight/Volume about 500 g
Vacuum-packed Yes

cow's milk, salt, vegetable rennet.

How to preserve it

In the refrigerator for some weeks. Once opened keep it in the fridge, wrapped in a cloth and closed in a plastic bag.

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