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Rolled pancetta with pork rind (Bacon) piece 1 kg


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Pancetta is produced without additives and it is a genuine food, typical of the history and culture of Parma and its province. Until the middle of 1900 the Pancetta, along with the lard, has been the major energy resource for the man. The Pancetta is an important ingredient in many dishes, including sauces, risottos and meat. Pancetta is excellent to taste eggs, meat and vegetables.Great for wrapping lean meat such as game, and as ingredient in various recipes. Try it with broad beans and “Pecorino” cheese! 
You can serve Pancetta together with  young, red and fruity wines as Fortanina and Lambrusco Ariola.
Characteristics:  Red color with white streaks of fat parts. Sweet and slightly spicy aroma. Conservation: Keep the “Pancetta” (bacon) wrapped in a cloth in the fridge and protect the cut part with a transparent film. We recommend you to remove the Pancetta from the refrigerator an hour before you’ll cut it. The product does not contain gluten and is suitable for consumption by celiac. It does not contain milk and / or its derivatives

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