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Organic chestnut honey 500 gr


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An amber colored honey with red hues, with a characteristic pungent aroma, a sweetly bitter taste and a very persistent aftertaste.
It is very delicate while maintaining the very persistent typical “bitter” note. It is rich in minerals and has got good nutritional properties: the abundance of fructose is recommended for people suffering from anemia and to improve blood circulation.  It is special with Parmigiano Reggiano,  semi-matured Pecorino cheese, Gorgonzola and also with soft and fresh cheeses as Ricotta. It’s excellent on wild game meat or on smoked pork chops, or diluted with water and put in the fridge, to prepare a good summer drink.

The honey is produced by the method of organic beekeeping from the farm “Il laghetto”  located in the central Apennines, in Pellegrino Parmense. From spring to summer produces monofloral honey as Acacia, Chestnut, Honeydew, Lime-Linden honey, and polyfloral honey. These honeys are exceptional and, thanks to the attention and the passion for beekeeping and territory, they have healthy properties that help  us so much in everyday life.

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