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Whole Culatello di Zibello P.D.O. – 4 kg

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It’s the finest and sought after cured meat of Parma, it’s worldwide famous for its sweetness and softness, for its sweet and a delicate flavor, the intense perfume and the distinctive taste !Enjoyed by those who are looking for genuine food!
A high quality Culatello di Zibello P.D.O. with a sweet and a delicate flavor, intense perfume, red uniform, thin and soft with white fat.
Only the most precious part of the leg of pork, salt, pepper and a slow, natural curing, nothing else!
Taste the Culatello with a dry sparkling wine, not too aromatic, such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.  Slice it not too thin and  eat it with good bread and some butter curls.

The Culatello is born from an art handed down from generations that embraces the history of a land lying along the great Po river. The foggy days of winter and the hot days of summer imbue the Culatello with a quality and flavor that make it the king of cured meats.
Produced by the best manufacturers in the P.D.O. area of Culatello under the protection and the supervision of the Consortium of Culatello which guarantees the authenticity of the origin, according to the production rules which require an handicraft  process  and a minimum curing of 12 months.

 Preparation: remove the cord and put the culatello under running water. Dry it carefully and remove the bladder. If you want to soften the culatello wrap it  in a cloth dampened with white wine for 2 or 3 days.  Cut away the external impurities  with a sharp knife and then slice thinly the culatello. Grease the cut part with butter or olive-oil, then wrap the culatello in a tea towel. Once cut eat the culatello in a short time, to fully taste its delicacy. 

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Selezione MagnaParma
Place of origin ZIbello (Parma)
Maturing min. 12 months
Weight/Volume 4 kg (subject to a variation of weight +/- 8%)
Vacuum-packed No
Geographical indications DOP
Ingredients Pork meat, salt, pepper. Preservative E252
How to preserve it

In a cool and damp environment. Once sliced cover the cut surface with a cling-film. Wrap the meat in a cloth and store in the fridge. Keep the slices into a plastic box in the fridge and eat them the same day.