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Local salty lard 300 g

Salumificio Frati Carla


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Only the highest part of the shoulder, most consistent lard is used. It is salted,  seasoned with  pepper and various spices, then aged for several months.

A  lard with a sweet and delicate taste and a fragrant smell, it’s a cured meat sought-after all over the world.
Its salt is excellent to season roast and grilled meat, while the rind can be boiled or grilled and added, once been cut in little pieces, to legumes and soups.
The lard is perfect accompanied by the Tuscan wines as Chianti, Rosso di  Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano. It’s very nourishing and rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. You must rub off the  salt, then you can slice the Lard thinly and serve it with warm bread or as appetizer with the other cured meats of Parma. It’s often served on hot meat or fish dishes and it is special on the pizza. It’s a true delight if you taste it with honey or melon!



Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Salumificio Frati Carla
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Eggs free Yes
Sugar free Yes
Soy free Yes
Place of origin Fontanellato (Parma)
Maturing 6 months min.
Weight/Volume about 300 g
Vacuum-packed Yes

Pork lard, coarse sea salt, spices, herbs, natural flavors. Preservative: potassium nitrate. Seasoned at least 6 months.


How to preserve it

It’s supplied vacuum-packed so it can be kept in the fridge up to six months.  Once cut  you have to refold the rind on the sliced part, then wrap the lard in a damp canvas and keep it in the fridge or in the cellar. It’s important not to eliminate the salt and to consume it within 30 days.