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Italian “anolini” with beef 250 g


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Anolini are  a type of egg-filled pasta  originating in Emilia , the territories of the ancient Duchy  of Parma and Piacenza.
A stuffed pasta typical of Parma, where it is usually served in broth on holiday days, which will allow you to taste the flavor of the Emilia tradition.
They are prepared by placing filler balls between two layers of pasta and cutting around the filling with special metal molds that can be circular or with serrated edges; the pressure of the mold secures the edges of the pasta. The filling is based on beef. After cooking the meat is finely chopped together with the vegetables of the cooking base, then add salt, nutmeg, eggs and kneaded with Parmigiano-Reggiano.
The anolini provides for cooking in a good broth, better than capon.
The dish is rich and elaborate, as well as many dishes offered on important days, but the whole set of ingredients makes it a refined dish.

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