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Half cured Culatello 1,8 kg - peeled - vacuum packed

Salumificio Frati Carla


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Excellent traditional culatello, sweet and perfumed, to pleasantly surprise with a delicate and refined cold meat!
Taste the traditional culatello with a dry sparkling wine, not too aromatic, such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.  Slice it not too thin and  enjoy it with good bread and some butter curls.

Selected among the best local producers the traditional culatello is  prepared  with artisan  care using  meats  from pigs  born  and raised  in Italy.  we  use  only  the  back  part  of the haunch  called “culatello”. The culatello is put under salt for 10/15 days before it is stuffed  in pig’s natural bladder and then tied with natural cord following the traditional “a passetti” technique.   The  Culatello is  put to  age  very  slowly  in a humid environment   for at least 18 months.

These products are so delicious because the  raw  materials are  really  of high quality. The  choice of  raw  materials is,  in  facts,  a  crucial   step towards the production of good quality. Thanks to a close collaboration with  the breeders, is used the  best  pig meat. The pigs  are born and  grow  in  selected farms  in  the  Po  valley,  which has been for century home to the  best  pig types.  Throughout the  growth, the  pigs are fed with  quality natural products which raise in the  fields surrounding the  farms.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Salumificio Frati Carla
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Place of origin Fontanellato (Parma)
Maturing 12 months min.
Weight/Volume About 3,7 kg.
Vacuum-packed Yes

Pork meat, salt, natural flavourings.


How to preserve it

Culatello should be stored in a cool and damp environment. Once sliced cover the cut surface with a cling-film. Wrap the meat in a cloth and store in the fridge. Keep the slices into a plastic box in the fridge and eat them the same day.

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