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What is the Gift Card?
It 's a prepaid card that allows you to purchase any product on our website without using other forms of payment.

Can I purchase any article on the website?
Yes, you can buy all the products in the catalog except other Gift Cards.

Which minimum / maximum amount can I load?
We have prepared a series of Gift Cards of 25€ -50€-100€-200€. In addition, you can decide the amount of the Gift Card when you buy it: from a minimum of 1€ to a maximum of 1,000€.

Has it an expiration date?
The Gift Card expires after 365 days from the date of its activation. After the expiry date the Gift Card cannot be used anymore and you won’t be entitled to any refund of the remaining credit.

Can it be used for more purchases?
Certainly, when you use your Magnaparma Gift Card the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the card. The remaining balance may be applied to future purchases.

Can it be recharged?
No, the Gift Card must be loaded in a single solution. However it's always possible to purchase a new one and associate it to its user: in this way the credit is automatically added to that stored on it.

Can I use more than one gift card for a single purchase?
Yes, you can also use more than one gift card for a single purchase. If the purchase exceeds the credit of the Gift Card, you can integrate the difference with the payment methods available on the website (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or cash on delivery).

Can you refund the amount of the gift card?
No, the loaded value cannot be refunded.

Can It be used only by one person or also by many people?
The Gift Card is not associated with any specific user. The Gift Card can be associated to each user through the redemption operation of the respective code available at this address: https://www.magnaparma.com/en/giftvoucher/index/addredeem/. In order to redeem the Gift Card, of course, you must be a registered user on the website and you must have login. Once the gift card is redeemed, it may be used only by that specific user.

Can it be blocked in case of loss or theft?
Magnaparma is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. The Gift Card can be blocked at any time by contacting our customer service.