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Smoked scamorza 330 g

Chiodo Ferrante srl


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Scamorza is a stretched-curd (pasta filata) cheese of southern origin made from cow’s milk with a very short maturing period.

Scamorza can be either fresh (with a thin straw-yellow rind, white and uniform inside with a few holes and a typical elastic texture) or smoked (brown in colour and with a firmer texture). When fresh, it has a sweet and delicate flavour, with aromatic hints of milk, while when smoked it has a stronger taste. In addition to be excellent to enrich salads or skewers, thanks to its characteristic property of “going stringy” scamorza is ideal for baked dishes to give your preparations a slight browning au gratin. Another way to enjoy it is to cut it into slices 2- 3 cm thick, either cooked on a baking tray or grilled, accompanied by chestnut honey.
Scamorza is therefore ideal for filling a large amount of dishes, also excellent grilled or fried, and can be kept for a long time in the refrigerator (up to 20 days, wrapped in a clean cloth) and implies no waste at all: even the dark skin of the smoked version is tasty and edible. 



Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Chiodo Ferrante srl
Place of origin Ripalta Cremasca (CR)
Weight/Volume about 330 g
Vacuum-packed No
Ingredients Cow's milk, rennet, salt, milk enzymes.
How to preserve it

In the refrigerator for some weeks. Once cut keep it in the fridge taking care to cover the cut with a cling film or an aluminum foil.

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